Secured Loans

The benefit of using a secured loan or second charge funding services is for the avoidance of paying high redemption charges that apply in the fixed term period of a mortgage product. 

Secondly, secured loans or second charges loans are beneficial for those applicants with current mortgages at very low rates who do not wish to refinance the first charge mortgage due to early repayment charge being applied on redemption of the mortgage but in need of releasing funding their current property without the need for refinancing the whole property including the current mortgage. It is a second charge upon your first charge and is suitable for residential and commercial property without harming your current debt. We aim to offer you a fast reply on secured loan demand, if you accept our offer, you can get it on the same day. 

A call to our service desk 0208 088 22 11 usually gives a client an idea of how much can be raised.

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