Secured Loans

0208 593 2598

0208 593 2598

Secured Loans Specialists in mortgage and financial advice

You can borrow from £7,500 to £150,000 secured loan against your main residential property without affecting your current mortgage.


Our aim is to give you a quick answer to you secured loan request and if you accept our offer we will send it to you the same day.


People release cash from their home for many reasons; To invest in commercial or residential property, a mortgage for business or holiday home, to upgrade or renovate a property they are buying or perhaps to prepare it for sale.


You could borrow cash to fund a lump sum investment into a retirement plan (seek independent financial advice first). We have secured and unsecured loans to suit most people, self employed, employed, self certification plans,secured loans for people with good or poor credit history.


The rate you are charged is assessed primarily in relation to your mortgage payment history and the loan you borrow as a factor of the value of you home.


Contact us and a representative will call you back.


We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and every application is personally assessed rather than credit scored. Feel safe with us we don’t require credit card, bank or other personal financial details until your loan is approved.


You are not charged any fees in advance for our secured loan range, there are no up front legal or valuation fees, the lenders completion fee is added onto the loan and only deducted when your cheque is sent to you.


We may charge you broker fees on completion of your secured loan application depending on your circumstances.


No Upfront Fees and Valuations Free (there will be a redemption cost should you decide to repay this loan early)